Trip Recap

IMG_3077After way too many hours in a car, countless innings of baseball watched, and many nights sleeping on floors, our trip has finally come to an end. We did accomplish our goal of watching a game in all 30 stadiums and we are also proud to say that we never left a game early. However, more than baseball, this trip was a great way for us to visit a lot of family and friends as well as see many different sites and attractions across the country.

Before the trip our main focus was on the baseball side of things but as the trip went along, it wasn’t the baseball we enjoyed the most it was all the friends we got to see and the people we met along the way. We can’t say thank you enough to everyone who helped us during our journey! We couldn’t have completed this trip without the help of people providing places to stay, tickets, food, transportation, etc. The hospitality and generosity of people blew us away and we are forever thankful for it.

We also want to say thank you to all the teams who either provided tickets, tours, or giveaways to us; 15 teams in all donated. Having the various teams get involved with our visits truly made our experience a special one and provided us with many great memories!

Thank you to everyone who followed us along, we hoped you enjoyed the blog! Below are some lists and trip totals that may interest you.

Trip Totals
Baseball games watched: 30
Innings watched: 288
Walk off wins: 4
Game ball: 1
Longest Game: 18 Innings, 5 hrs 45 mins. Yankees @ Oakland
Hot Dogs Eaten: Too Many
Fans seen thrown out: 4
Rain outs: 1
Days: 60
Miles driven: 17,311
States visited: 39
National parks visited: 6
Total spent on lodging: $47

Top Fives:
Overall Game Experience (based on our rating system):
1. PNC Park – Pittsburgh Pirates
2. Progressive Field – Cleveland Indians
3. AT&T Park – San Francisco Giants
4. Wrigley Field – Chicago Cubs (tied)
4. Busch Stadium – St. Louis Cardinals (tied)

Stadium Layout (only factors in the stadium design and feel):
1. Fenway Park – Boston Red Sox
2. PNC Park – Pittsburgh Pirates
3. AT&T Park – San Francisco Giants
4. Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles Dodgers
5. Camden Yards – Baltimore Orioles

Mascot Races
1. Washington Nationals – President Race
2. San Francisco – Mascot Paddleboard race
3. Texas Rangers – Texas Legends Race
4. Cincinnati Reds – Red Race
5. Milwaukee Brewers – Famous Racing Sausages

Baseball Stops:
1. Negro League Baseball Museum
2. Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown
3. Louisville Slugger Museum
4. Field of Dreams

Worst Traffic:
1. Los Angeles
2. Houston
3. Chicago
4. Philadelphia
5. New York

Other Random Notes
– Don’t take water bottles to Tropicana as they will throw them out. We lost two good water bottles that visit.
– Don’t sit in the bleachers at Petco as they have a very limited view of the field.
– Don’t go too far out of the way to see the Four Corners, especially 3 hours like we did.
– St. Louis has an awesome FREE zoo!
– If you are in the L.A. area you have to try Umami Burger. It’s the best burger you will ever have!
– At the Ballpark in Arlington, remember where you park as everywhere around the stadium looks the same so it’s easy to lose.
– Get the nacho helmet at Angel Stadium!
– The Negro League Museum is a must see if you are ever in Kansas City!
– If you find yourself in northern Idaho take a visit to Silverwood Theme Park. It’s a nice family themed park with lots to do.
– Minnesota truly does have a lot of lakes and a lot of road construction
– If you do a similar trip be sure to bring rain ponchos or a good rain jacket. is a great resource for travelers

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If there are any trip totals, top fives or other information you wanted to know about that we missed, please leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the post.


One thought on “Trip Recap

  1. I will truly miss receiving my updated email blog! I enjoyed it so much!
    It was great fun being with friends & family at Yankee Stadium and then to top it off -making it on your blog!
    If the Amazing Blake could do it so could I!
    I am also so happy to have my girl home at last!
    Thank you both for sharing this amazing experience with us all!
    Mom Corsi

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