Citizens Bank Park – An Exciting Finish to a Long Journey (Part 2)

#30 Citizens Bank ParkThe second part of our last day on the trip had us going back to Philadelphia. The Friday night game that was canceled due to rain was rescheduled for 8:05 on Saturday, which was a huge blessing to us because it gave us plenty of time to get there. Following the last out of the Yankees game we hurried out of the stadium to try and beat the crowd so we could give ourselves plenty of time to make the two hour drive to Philadelphia.

The Phillies originally scheduled game for Saturday was moved up to 3:05. As we got closer we turned the game on the radio to see how things were going and to find out if our game would be starting on time. Unfortunately, we found out the first game was currently in the middle of a rain delay which had us a little worried. Once we arrived at the stadium, they finally restarted the first game which had been delayed in the middle of the 9th at a 3-3 tie. Since it had already been a long day we were hoping this first game didn’t go into extras and delay the start of our game. However, much to our disappointment, it did. The White Sox ended up winning in the 11th inning which pushed the start of our game back to 8:45. The good thing was the skies had cleared and it looked like it would be a beautiful night for baseball.

IMG_3864Once the gates finally opened around 8:15, we hurried around the stadium to see what we could before the game began. The Phillies donated two tickets to us and they ended up being fantastic seats! Also, during the 2nd inning no longer than two minutes after Lisa mentioned she could really go for some ice cream, Bianca, a Phillies representative, paid us a visit. She stopped to see how our trip was going and to also give us two really nice hats and $20 worth of food vouchers! Bianca said she heard how we were trying to finish up our trip by watching two games in one day and thought we may be a little hungry. Both Lisa and I could have jumped right out of our seats and gave her a big hug as this was perfect timing and totally unexpected. We would like to thank the Phillies for their incredible hospitality and for making our last game a memorable one!

Citizens Bank Park is a beautiful stadium that provides a great atmosphere to watch a game. They have a really nice ivy covered batters eye in center field. Also in center field they have a little walkway that takes you through the history of the Phillies. There is a really nice large scoreboard in left field along with an electronic Liberty Bell in center that lights up when a homerun is hit. Citizens Bank is a fairly large stadium and the attendance for the game was 43,000 which I believe is the largest of the trip.

IMG_3866With the late start we were hoping for a quick game so we didn’t get back to Lisa’s house to late, but that didn’t happen. Both teams struggled offensively the entire game, probably due to fatigue from the previous one. The score was tied 1-1 going into the bottom of the 13th before Michael Young, the Phillies third baseman, drove in the game winning run. This was the fourth walk-off we had witnessed on the trip and this one was particularly special because it completed game #30 for us!

It is truly hard to believe that trip is over and that we have watched 30 baseball games this summer. It was a great feeling to get back to Lisa’s house knowing what we had accomplished and being able to sleep in the next day. We will write one last blog post recapping our trip and providing some trip totals, top fives, and pictures of us in every stadium. Thanks for following along and be on the lookout for our final blog post!

Overall Game Experience for Citizens Bank Park:




One thought on “Citizens Bank Park – An Exciting Finish to a Long Journey (Part 2)

  1. Enjoyed this saga of yours very much,,,,a wonderful journey!
    Every day , driving to work in NYC, I would pass by Shea Stadium…then Citifield, old Yankee Stadium…the new Yankee Stadium..and the former location of the old Polo Grounds (Coogan’s Bluff)..
    and I work at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center,,,which is built on the site of the old New York Highlanders American League Park(the Highlanders were renamed the Yankees in 1921 or so). Congratulations

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