Yankee Stadium – An Exciting Finish to a Long Journey (Part 1)

IMG_3862We were on our way to Philadelphia Friday night when the rain began. It was coming down really hard and it did not look good. We arrived at the stadium and got our tickets (the Phillies also donated a backpack cooler!) we got in the stadium and they promptly cancelled the game. It was rescheduled for 8:15 Saturday night. So we got on the road and headed to New Jersey, and I was ecstatic to be on my way home. It was so great seeing my parents and being at home!

The next morning Allen and I drove separately to Yankee Stadium. The plan was to see the game in New York, and then head to Philly right afterwards. We walked around the stadium after paying a ridiculous fee for parking. Allen was not so impressed with the surrounding area, as it is in the middle of the Bronx and has hot dog stands and Yankee shops only on one side. As it is home for me, I am biased and love it. We entered and headed to Monument Park where there are plaques and retired numbers of Yankee greats. The line was extremely long but well worth it to me. We were accompanied by my parents, my brother Michael (Happy happy birthday!), his wife Meghan, and my second family, Rich, Rae, Cara, Sammy, and Chris. It was so awesome to see everyone and catch up!

IMG_3860The game went fast, lucky for Allen and myself. Phil Hughes struck out 10 and gave up 3 homers to the Twins. The Yankees hit one solo shot, and the score remained at 4-1, Twins on top. During the game, my brother surprised us with a message on the scoreboard, and we appreciate it so much! My mom and dad gave us the tickets, so a HUGE thank you to them.The Yankees do not offer much entertainment, and to be honest the stadium has nothing that stands out. Sure, its the Yankees, but the fact that they knocked down the old stadium with all the history in the walls takes away the magic. It was also interesting watching the Yankees without their big name players. The lineup is full of unfamiliar names which is generally not the case.

Once the bottom of the 9th ended, we booked it out of the stadium and made our way to Philadelphia, to hopefully get in stadium #30! One last thank you to my family for absolutely everything and the Ruggieros for joining us!

Overall Game Experience Rating for Yankee Stadium:

Yankee Stadium


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