Oriole Park at Camden Yards – Best Seats Yet!

IMG_3820From Louisville we made our way to Ohio to stay with Allen’s brother and sister in law. We made great time and decided to head to the dollar theater to check out the movie “42”. I know we both had really wanted to see the movie portraying Jackie Robinson and breaking the color barrier in baseball. It was a great movie, the acting was awesome and the story is obviously a must-see.  Allen’s mom provided dinner, which we were very grateful for. We also spent a portion of the evening collecting bucket fulls of water from his brother’s basement due to all the rain and his sump pump not working.

The next day led us to Hagerstown, where yet another bike trip friend, Tim, lives. He was kind enough to host us as well as provide tickets. He drove us into Baltimore, we got a bite to eat, and headed to Camden Yards. What a gorgeous stadium it is! The surrounding area is really pretty, and there are quite a few statues and retired numbers at the entrance. The brick façade is really nice as well. They also have an alley called Eutaw Street behind right field which has restaurants, bars, and little baseball plaques commemorating where some of the parks longer homeruns have landed. I had been waiting to hear the national anthem here, as it is said that the fans yell ‘Oh!” in the last part of the song. They totally do!

IMG_3811Our seats were probably the best we have had so far! We were two rows from the field next to the visitor’s dugout. We were joined by Joe, a friend of Tim, who was a true Orioles fan and a really nice guy. The game went really quickly and only lasted about 2.5 hours. Both pitchers held their own, with two solo homers from the Orioles and one from the Rangers. The score was only 2-1 going into the 8th when Baltimore scored again for a little more assurance. The rain started coming down, but it didn’t matter to me, because we had a score past the 5th inning, so it would count. The ground’s crew looked ready to come out, but they waited it out, and eventually the entirety of the game was played with a 3-1 win for the Orioles.

This morning we went for a quick breakfast with Tim and are on the road yet again. We want to thank Tim so much for hosting us, for the INCREDIBLE tickets, and his great company! 28 down, and 2 more to go! Philly here we come!

Overall Game Experience at Camden Yards:



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