Great American Ball Park – A Pleasant Surprise in Cincinnati

IMG_3783We left Chicago pretty early this morning because we had a 5 hour drive to Cincinnati ahead of us, and we also lost an hour. It looked like rain but when we pulled into the city the skies cleared and it became a beautiful day for baseball. The surrounding area of the stadium is really pretty. It is right on the Ohio River, which is pretty gross at the moment but makes for a nice setting. There are some cool sky scrapers around the area, and the actual ballpark itself is really nice. There are statues of old timers in the plaza, and also a Reds Hall of Fame, though it is not free.

IMG_3779It was kids hat giveaway day, so there were kids everywhere. I really enjoyed that aspect of it. The concessions are very reasonably priced, and the inside is beautiful. The set-up is great and makes it really easy to navigate. The staff is all really friendly, and the ballpark is very family friendly. We had bleacher seats in left field, which we both agreed were more comfortable than regular seating. The game began with a children’s parade around the warning track. A mother and daughter sang the national anthem and Arroyo took the mound. The game went pretty quick, with Seattle scoring three and the Reds only one on a solo homerun. I loved watching Chapman come in to pitch the 9th for the Reds because this guy brings it. We saw a few fastballs hitting 101mph, and Allen told me Chapman holds the record for the fastest pitch in MLB history topping in at 105. I couldn’t imagine facing that! And lucky for us, the Reds pitchers struck out 11 combined, which won everyone in the stadium a free pizza! We have 7 days to redeem it from a LaRosa’s pizza place in the area, so hopefully we can get that tomorrow!

IMG_3787With the great surrounding area, the beautiful park design and the reasonable ticket and concession prices, Great American Ball Park is an all-around terrific place to go watch a game. Once we finally found our car, we headed for Allen’s aunt and uncle’s house, who made us pizza for dinner and played some Dutch Blitz, a pretty typical Ohio game from what I heard. I really enjoyed it, and want to thank them so much for having us! Tomorrow we head to the Louisville Slugger Factory and the Kentucky Derby Museum. Only four stadiums to go and less than a week left!

Game Exprience Rating for Great American Ballpark:

Great American


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