Wrigley Field- A Surprising Win!

IMG_3771What a beautiful day we woke up to! I finally got a beach day this summer with Olivia, and Allen did his own thing. I was really excited for the Cubs game, a 3:05 start vs. the Pirates. Olivia’s sister, Bridget, and yet another bike trip friend, Jonathan, joined us for the game. I absolutely loved walking thru Wrigleyville, which is the surrounding area around the Cubs’ stadium. There are tons of bars, Cubs’ gear, and exciting fans all around you. We were surprised with a t-shirt giveaway, and made our way into historic Wrigley Field. It is definitely old school, and is pretty hard to navigate because the hallways are small and there are people everywhere! But I absolutely loved that about it because it amped the atmosphere and got me even more excited for the game.

Wrigley is pretty well known for the rooftop seats in right and left field, for the brick/ivy wall, and the hand operated score board. It also doesn’t have a large video screen, which makes me love it more. Unfortunately there are plans to put one in soon as a result of a pretty large debate in Chicago. Above most seats are small televisions where you can catch stats and replays. The fans seem into the game, and almost everybody had Cub gear on.

IMG_3775Before the game, we got to see the Stanley Cup one last time. The game was a close one for the first half, with a one run homer from the Pirates and a two run shot by Alfonso Soriano. In the later innings, Soriano hit another two run homerun, and the game ended with a score of 4-1, Cubs on top.The fans were obviously very happy, and I appreciated that no one was in a rush to leave, nor was the staff pushing people out. Outside, fans cheered, drummers drummed, and the bars filled up.

I met up with an old friend for dinner, and the rest of the crew headed back to Olivia’s for some pizza. We called it a night because we had an early morning ahead of us. We want to thank Olivia again for absolutely everything! We stayed about 5 days, which can be a long time to have guests, so we really appreciate her putting up with us! We had a great time and look forward to hopefully visiting Chicago again in the future!

Game Exprience Rating for Wrigley Field:



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