Miller Park – Happy 4th of July!

IMG_3740Chicago has been very good to us so far and the 4th of July was no different. We didn’t have any games to see so it was nice to be able to enjoy the day off with our friends here and do what every American does on the 4th – grill out! Olivia’s friend Brian, who was actually her neighbor growing up as well, invited us all over for a cook out. We were joined by a couple of his friends as well as Olivia’s friend Rachel. It was a lot of fun getting to meet some new people and having the opportunity to eat a bunch of great food! Olivia made some really tasty burgers and vegetables and Brian provided brats which were excellent. We can’t thank Brian enough for his wonderful hospitality and allowing us to come celebrate the 4th of July with him!

After Brian’s house we made our way to Rachel’s apartment were we would be watching fireworks. This was definitely the best firework display I have ever seen. Rachel’s apartment has 16 floors and on top of the building they have rooftop porch. This provided an incredible view of the lake, the city and all the surrounding suburbs of Chicago. Because of this awesome view we were able to see all the fireworks that were being shot off in all of the different suburbs. This provided a line of fireworks all across the horizon. We tried to get pictures but they just don’t do it justice. A big thanks to Rachel for recommending we come over to her house to watch them, it was an incredible site to see.

IMG_3731The next day we made our way to Milwaukee where we would be seeing the Brewers take on the Mets. Milwaukee is only about an hour and half drive so we were just going to make a day trip of it. Before the game the Brewers allowed us to go down on the field for BP which we were very grateful for. I always enjoy being able to get into the stadium before everyone else so you can really take it all in. After BP we had to go back outside to wait for the gates to open up. While waiting we were impressed with all the people tailgating and we even saw a 4 foot tall Jenga game which was awesome. The gates eventually opened so we were able to walk around the park for a bit. It is a newer stadium having been built in 2001 and it features a retractable roof, which was open for the game. It also has a lot going on besides baseball such as games and playgrounds for kids, a rock climbing wall, and a number of bars and little restaurants.

IMG_3750 After trying a brat, which was very good, we headed to our seats to get ready for the game. This may have been the sloppiest game we have seen all summer. Both teams struggled throwing strikes and fielding the ball. This made for a long game and one that at times was frustrating to watch. There were a few highlights with one of them being the Brewers centerfielder, Carlos Gomez, making a great play by jumping up on the fence to rob a homerun. In the end the Mets did end up winning 12-5. We also were able to see the famous sausage race which took place in the middle of the 6th.

Miller Park is a nice stadium and one that even if you’re not a baseball fan you can enjoy coming to a game. Today we head to one of the all-time great places to watch a game – Wrigley Field! We will be joined by a number of friends so it should be a great experience.

Game Experience Rating for Miller Park:

Miller Park


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