U.S. Cellular – If You Build It…

IMG_3705It was hard to leave Minnesota after the great time we had there but there was more baseball to be watched as we head towards the home stretch of our tour. This may be the busiest stretch of our schedule as we jam in eight games in 12 days. For the next three games we traveled to Chicago which is where we will be calling home for the next four nights and five days. We are extremely thankful to our friend Olivia for allowing us to stay at her place for such a longtime!

As we made our way to Chicago we did make one stop at a place many baseball fans are familiar with and have traveled from all over the world to Iowa just to see it and that is the Field of Dreams. I would say most people, especially baseball fans, are familiar with the movie Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner. It is one of the all-time classic baseball movies and is about a farmer in Iowa who hears a voice telling him “If you build it, he will come.” This leads to the farmer tearing up a large portion of his land to build a baseball field which then takes him on an incredible baseball journey that plays off what most baseball fans love about the game – its history and the stories surrounding its legends.

IMG_3699The field and house still remain in tack today in a little town called Dyersville. The family who owns the farm has done its best to keep everything well kept, without really any help from the company who produced the movie. Just like in the movie, you drive down a little gravel lane where the house sits atop a small hill with the field right next to it. It doesn’t cost anything to go visit and you are allowed to walk on the field as well as play catch or hit a few balls. One thing I was a little disappointed in was the infield dirt had been replaced by gray, crushed gravel which, to me, takes away from the overall beauty of a baseball field. Other than that minor detail it was a great stop for us and one that we recommend you going to visit if you get the chance!

IMG_3714After another four hours of driving we eventually arrived at Olivia’s apartment where she had a nice meal waiting for us, which really hit the spot. The next day we headed off to see stadium #23 – U.S. Cellular Field home of the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox were very generous to us and donated tickets and even mentioned us on the scoreboard, which was a first of the trip! We can’t thank them enough for the donation and the recognition. Upon entering the stadium we were very disappointed by one aspect. During this tour we have been arriving at stadiums right when the gates open up so we can walk around the main concourse and see everything in the stadium. With the White Sox, you are not allowed to enter the main concourse until after the 7th inning unless you have a 100 level ticket. This is the first and only stadium I know of that does this and we were not huge fans of it. So we made our way up to our upper deck seats and sat for an hour and half to wait for the game to start.

IMG_3724Before the game they had two members of the 2013 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks throw out the first pitch. They also brought with them the Stanley Cup which was cool to see. Around the start of the first inning we were joined by our good friend Luke who we were very excited to see and take in the game with. We appreciate him making the sacrifice to come to the south side to watch a White Sox game as he is a huge Cubs fan. The game was an enjoyable one as it was close throughout with the Orioles finally pulling ahead on a Chris Davis home run which is his 32nd of the season. The White Sox made it interesting in the bottom of the 9th as they were able to get two runners on but didn’t have any luck getting them home.

Overall, we did enjoy our time at U.S. Cellular and are once again very appreciative of Luke for coming and joining us as it was great getting to catch up with him. The night concluded with a really well done firework show put on by the White Sox to American themed music. Up next is the Brewers so stay tuned to hear about our trip up to Milwaukee and our 4th of July festivities!

Game Experience Rating for U.S. Cellular:



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