Target Field – Land of Lakes and Wonderful People

BadlandsIt has been an eventful week! We left Idaho to make our way to Minnesota for the next game, and we had ample time to do it. Our first night camping was in Montana, where the sky is bigger and our neighbors to the left were the most unpleasant campers I have stumbled upon… Second night brought us to North Dakota, not necessarily on the route, but in Allen’s words, “When are you ever gonna get a chance to see North Dakota again?!” He happily checked that off his list. We then entered South Dakota where we first made a stop to see Mt. Rushmore. After a brief stop and a picture we drove on over to the Badlands, which is perhaps my favorite National Park we have seen. It is so interesting how those rock formations are situated where there are. It is a spectacular sight. We also stopped at Wall Drug, which reminded me of South of the Border, as there are billboards for miles in each direction telling you to stop there or that you missed it. It’s loaded with tourists and has anything you can think of. Allen really enjoyed it, and rates the milkshake he bought there a seven on a scale of one to ten. Our campsite there was situated on a beautiful lake, but beauty is pain, as there were tons of ticks there.


On our way to Minnesota, we stopped at the Corn Palace, which was in my “Top 5 things I am most exited for this summer” list. I must say it was a disappointment. Not only because my phone fell out of my pocket and into the toilet (true story) but also because it was not as decorated as it has been in the past. It is basically a huge building adorned in corn, with all different designs and pictures. I looked at the pictures from the 1800’s and saw how much more detailed it was, how there were no electric signs, and how people dressed like they cared what they looked like.

Anyway, we got to our destination, the Bernard household, around 7. I cannot say enough about this family. Not only are they the most generous, hospitable people you will ever come by, but they were so genuinely interested in our lives and so worried about showing us a good time. I cannot thank them enough. We ate dinner with Chris, who is the son and is a friend from the bike trip, his parents, two sisters, and his grandparents. The home-cooked meal was absolutely wonderful and just being in a family setting after so long was so comforting and enjoyable. Chris showed us one of the thousands of lakes Minnesota is known for, and then we called it a day. The next day, game day, Chris brought us into Minneapolis to see the sights and hipsters. Unfortunately the hipsters were not out, but we did see some great sights, and really enjoyed the city. Chris took us to lunch on a rooftop patio where the breeze was welcomed and view enjoyable.

IMG_3685We arrived at Target Field early because they were allowing us on the field for batting practice. The surrounding area is basically all construction, but it is still pretty with its tile façade and various statues. The three of us were shown to the field and watched as the Twins took batting practice. We were so close to all of them and I felt like a little kid. The Yankees came on the field and this was exciting for me because, being from New Jersey, I grew up in a Yankee household. Robinson Cano smiled at me which made my day, Joe Girardi was about 2 feet from me, and I watched as Mariano Rivera joked around with another pitcher trying to hit players with his stretch band. Allen got a ball but gave it to me since he hates everything Yankee. First ball of the trip!


We found our seats and settled in. I found that I truly loved that stadium. The scoreboard is brilliant; it has the exact information you would want to see and displays it in such an easy way to read. On another board, fun facts about each player are displayed while they are at bat.  It also has instant replays throughout the game which I always appreciate. Everything about the stadium was so tastefully done. The game was close until the 7th inning when the Twins feel apart. They became a mess, making high school errors, and the Yankees broke open the game to pull out a win, 10-4.

All in all, Minnesota was a great experience. We cannot thank the Bernard family enough for their wonderful hospitality and all of the food Mrs. Bernard made us take on the road! (Also a shout out to Grandma Bernard for the Gatorade at the game! Thank you, I have never appreciated a Gatorade like that before!) Thank you to Chris for driving us around and being our tour guide! It was great to see him and meet his family, they will all surely be missed!

Game Experience Rating for Target Field:



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